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The introduction of solar energy
Copower vision is to become a major integrated energy company, into the solar PVindustry, is the longest and one of the industry's long-term developmentstrategy, 5-7 years long and industrial solar energy sector will become aGW-class large photovoltaic business.  

Copowersolar energy sector projects, primary position:
1 Solar PV power station,
2 solar photovoltaic, solarterrestrial power station of agricultural greenhouse.
3 building integratedphotovoltaic (BIPV),
4 PV off-grid solar power plants (energy storage andsmart grid technology) PV applications.
5 as well as wind and solar powergeneration, wind power generation,
6 efficient production of thin film solarcells

  Copower market for solar energy project in Ningxia hasexceptional advantages, solar light conditions the country, there are1000MWp~2000MWp of the ground station markets, as well as the 1500MWp solar PVmarket in agricultural greenhouse. Coupledwith Copower has world top of PV area talent (national "thousand peopleplans" distinguished expert, film battery development route leader talent)and better of large project of construction and operations experience, striveto in 3-5 years within will solar project listed, using market capital, better,and faster of to solar project big, and do strong; 5-10 years within to solarproject plate playing caused a a assets had billions of of enterprise.

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