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Oilfield Exploration and Development


  Copower Is a large integrated economic entity, exploration and development of oil and gas is one of the important tasks.

Base on the oil field business:

1. oil and gas exploration
2. development and production of
3. crude oil production
4. natural gas development


Block 1, Ji Huang 37 well:
  successful exploration and development of oil blocks, Ji Huang 37th, Copower has written on the history of a very brilliant, to further expand the risk prospecting of oil and gas has accumulated rich experience in the market, and the integration of a large number of outstanding expert in the field of geological exploration, geophysical, geological technology team provides professional and technical support for oil exploration operations company.   Ji Huang South of 37 blocks in dingbian County, Shaanxi Province, block size 48.5Km2, area of 53.0Km2 of actual control, Copower Group risk and progressive exploration and development of the more successful one blocks for exploration.
   Risk exploration of the area began in 1980, Copower Group risk exploration began in 2004. Larger progressive exploration and development work in 2005-2006, until the end of 2006, the cumulative drilling well at 18, 71 of progressive exploration and development wells, built capacity 6.0x104t, proven 2.5Km2 of tree oil field, proven geological reserves of 140x104t, prediction of oil-bearing area 41.5Km2, 1505x104t prediction of geological reserves.

2, ephedra Mahuang shang blocks:
  block area in Western 848.554Km2, MA Western petroleum resources 4075x104t resources proved rates 1.96%[3].

3, Pu he blocks:
 blocks cooperation Tsz located southeast of zhenyuan County, Gansu province, North of the town, approximately 10Km from zhenyuan County closest, block size 188.034Km2.

 Copower eyes attention overseas, seeking overseas oil and gas exploration project risk, and Angola, Iraq, and Jamaica and other countries to cooperate on oil exploration project risk.
 In Rio on the basis of risks of onshore oil and gas exploration, Copower further planned offshore oil exploration, embarking on blue ocean strategy.In 2009, the Copower and the Korea Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Corporation sign strategic cooperation agreement, in oil and gas field exploration and development, engineering services, trading of crude oil and fuel, energy and transport, offshore exploration and production and related areas such as equipment leasing business expand all-round cooperation, laying a solid foundation for blue ocean strategy implementation.
  From China to the world, from land to sea, Copower dares to climb on the road of the risks in oil and gas exploration, efforts to pursue their own piece of the sky.


















































































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